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Tarot Card Reading

SolayaClarify and Reconfirm Ideas

A Tarot card reading helps you to clarify and reconfirm your thoughts, projects, and changes. It inspires you while contemplating transformations to make decisions followed by positive actions. It reveals in multidimensional ways what you are experiencing and assists you in processing challenges so that you can recognize the growth taking place in your life. The way that I read Tarot cards will promote awareness towards your possibilities. By receiving a Tarot cards reading you will restore your confidence regarding your potential thus leaving you filled with enthusiasm. It will reassure and inspire you by creating a map. You will feel supported  in leaving behind your doubts and insecurities. The Tarot can be used daily as a tool of meditation, reminding you to live accordingly to your code of honor and integrity. Filled with timeless spiritual principles, the Tarot promotes living completely in the present moment reminding you that "the best way to predict your future is by creating it."

The Tarot Card Deck

The Tarot is composed of seventy-eight cards that depict multitude of situations. It purpose is to teach to live consciously developping the ability to encounter life's challenges with a sense of purpose. The Tarot fills you with hope and faith that you can indeed learn and grow from life's school. It portrays the wheel of changes, helping humanity to live harmoniously with all beings. It is an illustrated book that tells life's stories with images.

40+ Years of Experience

Tarot card reading broadens your horizons and your vision. It is a unique experience that will leave you feeling better about yourself and confident about your life's path. It refreshes your perspectives. My 40+plus years of experience  reading Tarot cards combined with my highly intuitive qualities make your consultation distinctive and powerful. I offer sessions in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Don't wait any longer to experience this wonderful, unusual, and unconventional way to better your life. You can experience an e-mail, phone or Skype reading:         305-515-0018