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Spiritual Life Coaching with Solaya

SolayaInspiring people to clarify and reach their goals


*Are you ready to take decisive actions to reach your dream?

*Are you looking for answers to your challenges?

*How do you feel about hiring a mentor to assist you manifest your highest potential?

Manifest your purpose and live your life at its fullest

 The co-creative process of Coaching inspires you to clarify and reach your goals. It empowers you to connect with your truth, and access the tools to manifest your dreams. It opens hidden possibilities and creates accountability for where you are now, and the goals you want to attain. It clarifies your course of action.

As your Life Coach, I assist you in moving forward in the realization of your objectives

 I act as your co-pilot, guiding you with thoughts provoking questions. We focus in the now, and where you want to go. Coaching awakens the tools within you to access and create what you want. It takes place in the present moment with awareness and consciousness. As your Coach, I support and encourage your blossoming and assist you to champion the manifestation of your vision.

Pursue Your Dreams

By inviting Coaching in your life, you invite fullness to emerge. You find yourself enthusiastic to grow in the pursuit of your dreams. You cultivate your talents, qualities, and unique abilities. You create a space, where everything is possible and gain insights on how to manifest each one of your dreams and aspirations. You align your thoughts, words and actions. It is wonderfully empowering. Coaching sessions are especially beneficial when you wish for extra help to support you in reaching your highest capability with a powerful plan of action to assist you towards the completion of your goals.

Spiritual Coaching

Sessions are delivered by hour or half hour. You can purchase a package of 4 x One hour session for $380.