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Intuitive Arts

SolayaIntuitive Arts

Living intuitively creates a space within that is receptive to insights assisting you in understanding life stories to transform challenges into opportunities. Living intuitively gives you access to the magical and mystical part of your being. Your intuition may capture your attention through your feelings of certainty or the whispers of your inner voice. As you develop your intuition you will make your decisions from your connection to your Higher Self. Living intuitively gives you access to the Divine, the light within.


Tarot cards, Palmistry, Channeling, Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Readings, Conscious Living, Spiritual Coaching, Crystals and Rocks, Metaphysics, Shamanic Rituals  are various branches of intuitive arts. They are tools that have been used throughout  human evolution for spiritual insights and guidance. They assist you to see clearly through situations and reconfirming decisions. They are excellent vehicles for self-empowerment and inner peace.

The Practitioners

Practitioners of intuitive arts are: Intuitive Consultants, Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Clairaudients, Shamans, Visionaries, Luminaries, Healers, Spiritual Coaches to name just  a few. Most dedicate their lives to personal growth so that they can help others in return: "Physician first heals thyself."

SolayaDivine Order

Living intuitively creates a sense of peace for the divine order of manifestation. You feel totally guided and cared for learning to play the game of life. Doubts are replaced by trust. You listen for directions by paying attention to your voice of guidance and integrity. Seeing the physical world with love allows you to live with compassion. You recognize your connection to all that is like drops of water forming an ocean awakening the desire to be of service. Intuition opens the heart bringing forth a great respect for all sentient being.

Spiritual Principles: Love transform into Compassionate Being

Practicing intuitive arts encourages you to live according to spiritual principles. It promotes generosity, innocence, inner-peace and the wisdom of learning from life's lessons. It connects you with the truth that we are all one and opens your heart to love. Love being the universal intelligence, Source or God. Intuitive arts promote living consciously with awareness and the desire for refinement. You will feel very fortunate and grateful to have the ability to tap into your intuition to live consciously. Intuition combined with the practice of meditation and exercise permits you to perceive your answers and guidance.When you need a little extra help to see clearly your best path of action then it is a great time to get a reading.

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You, too, can easily start living intuitively by trusting the guidance of your Higher Self. You were born with this divine and powerful gift of intuition. It is a muscle that needs strengthening like all other parts of your being. You can use it or let it atrophy. If you choose to live intuitively, it will assist you in understanding situations, people, animals and plants. It will guide you. Intuitive arts facilitate your living in multidimensional realities. If you have the desire to tap into that mystical part of your being and want guidance contact me for us to work together. Through a reading with Channeled Spiritual Guidance and Tarot card you can resolve issues, thus permitting you to receive your guidance clearly. Intuitive consultations work great over the phone for Spirit has no form.