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Spiritual Guidance

SolayaConnect to your core essence

 Through a channeled conversation we match your vibration to your truth. This channeled session focus into looking deeply within yourself to allow your connection to the full spectrum of your being.  It resolves issues interrupting your serenity and restore your clarity and lightness. Connecting with your Higher Self broadens your vision and heal stress that creates blocks. It encourages you to pursue your full potential.

Change Your Attitude and Perspective

Often, as you get caught in the limited perception of life story, you forget that you have within you all the tools needed to move through life.  Channeled Spiritual Guidance in its simplicity empowers you to discover your truth.  It encourages you to practice acceptance in situations that you cannot changed.  It supports you in solving problems, insecurities and pain by showing you the lessons to be learned leading you to explore new approach, new possibility. You then can perceive the commitment of your soul to promote your spiritual growth.  During a Channeled Spiritual Guidance consultation you feel connected to the oneness with all that is.  Through your interaction to your Higher Self, you are guided on your path of Self Realization. This compassionate session illuminates your understanding and brings forth a sense of responsibility towards the ways you choose to live your life.  As the results of your session you will cultivate serenity that will move with you during your daily adventures. You develop a sense of commitment and tranquility in dealing with changes.

Restore Your Sense of Power

No matter what your challenge is a Channeled Spiritual Guidance consultation restores your sense of power.  It is a peaceful and simple way to experience your life in all its multidimensional beauty.  It gives you the courage to live with integrity and helps you see the challenges as opportunities for growth.

Experience a Channeled Spiritual Guidance Session

The purpose of the session is to promote unconditional love and acceptance.  Call or e-mail now to schedule this powerful consultation which helps you in feeling light, secure and inspired. Session available in person, by phone and by Skype.