Marian Joy Ring


Marian's spiritual path has led her to explore many different healing modalities on physical and energetic planes. She is a massage therapist and body worker, a continuing education provider for LMTs, a Reiki master, an Intrinsic Coach, a Higher Energy channeler and facilitator with a master's degree in psychology and one in creative writing. She is a singer/songwriter who has released five albums of original music on her own label Black Dog Records. Her multi faceted background helps ground you even as you soar with peace, harmony, balance, love and joy.

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Marian’s wisdom and clarity have had the ability to ground me and have provided me with the confidence to pursue my highest and best goals for a happy and healthy life.- MB Meyers

I can't believe it's been 3 years since completing my Training with Marian as co-facilitator. What I find most amazing is how this connection with Spirit has incorporated itself into my life, with very clear messages (downloads) coming through so often, that I find I rely upon this information daily to light my path
. - M.Blades



Solaya is a professional psychic consultant, spiritual teacher & Life Coach with 40 years of experience offering Tarot cards, Palmistry and Channeling readings. Through her readings she inspires you to live a life of peace, respect, love and courage. She acts as a lighthouse to bring clarity, and assists you in shifting your perspectives regarding your challenges and difficulties. You walk away feeling motivated by the certainty of your new decisions, empowered in taking action where you felt stuck before. You will bow in reverence to the wisdom of your soul and recognize your infinite possibilities.

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Dearest Solaya, You have been my spiritual guide and advisor for so many years I cannot even remember when we started. Your wisdom, intuition and clear insights have helped me navigate my life through many rough spots. You have helped me make decisions based on many aspects of our human nature - you have helped me see what my body needs to heal, you have helped my mind trust in spiritual guidance , you have nourished my spirit through your connection to the sacred that guides us all in beauty. Your intuition is so true and strong and you have that ability to guide and yet leave space for my own development and motions to take place. Onenuff ( I hope the spelling is correct ), your spirit energy guide, has come forward many times and seen in clarity what my muddled human mind could not, has helped my soul be free and move forward on my path of peace and learning on this planet. I can remember many images oneuff saw that helped me, the visual artist, know from my heart where to direct my efforts .I feel it is such an honor to know you, such a privilege and gift from the spirits that you are in my life. My soul work has been accelerated much by your work and many burdens in my quite dramatic life have been made easier to carry. From the bottom of my soul and my heart I thank you for all you have done for me as a person and a soul. Blessed and lucky are the ones whose lives you touch. -Sincerely Claudia Richards