Each of our activities at The Goddess Garden is designed to open specific energetic pathways.  Our week together will combine fun and adventure with spiritual and personal development. Activities are optional and white space in the calendar of events indicates free time.

Saturday 9/27 we will meet no later than 9.30am at the Hotel Aeropuerto to take the shuttle to the Goddess Garden. If you cannot meet us at that time you will have to find your own transportation at your own cost.

Three delicious meals a day will be provided at the resort. Should you miss the meal or choose to eat elsewhere, you will be responsible for the cost.

Channeling sessions will help us set our intentions, release barriers, promote expansion, increase trust, allow joy and create transformation by bringing clarity.

Morning yoga classes will enhance spiritual and physical development.

Meditation will bring awareness to the present moment, observing and releasing passing thoughts and help cultivate intuition.

A purifying clay body treatment will aid in spiritual and physical release.

The Rainforest Canopy nestled deep in the jungle, has 8 aerial platforms and 1200 meters of cable. Our professional guide will take us from one platform to another teaching us about the vegetation, the animals, and how local indigenous people make use of herbs and plants.

Our trip to Cahuita National Forest begins with a snorkeling trip to the Coral Reef where we’ll see many different species of fish. Afterwards our local guide will lead us along Park trails identifying wild animals that we see as we wend our way through the dense tropical jungle.

We will visit two nearby towns and discover their charms.

Marian’s concert: With voice and guitar she tells vivid stories of places she’s been, people she has known and transformations that have occurred.

Solaya will lead a fun salsa class.

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